NY Through the Lens
Phil DeSimone

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Coming Soon: A Photographic Homage to New York's Street Vendors

This infographic is an introduction to my upcoming photo series.
The graphic is provided by Login Wiki Which is a site solving all daily problems around big Portals like Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail which I also use for most of my daily work.

The many street vendors of New York's city is certainly something that all tourists will remember. Few New York movies can do without at least one of the characters getting a hotdog.

Even though New York street vendors have become somewhat iconic, there are powerful forces at play that would like to remove them from our streets. These are often let by larger cooperations and other "special interests" which invest a great deal to remove street vendors from our streets. Often they cite reasons around "quality of life". Don't street vendors actually increase quality of life?

I'm currently working on a project that mains to explore the people behind the food stands. What are there concerns? Noone asks these important questions.